An Enchantment of Ravens⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Don’t eat that!)

3 words I would use for this book is light, colourful and entertaining!

What I enjoyed about the book:
-The casual humor that jumped up at random moments. It spiced up the otherwise ”been there done that” storyline and kept me turning the pages.

-Whimsical events in rough situations. It’s fairy land! Why have blood and gore when someone can bleed flowers!

-March and May. Fun! They made me laugh all the time!

What was ok:
-Storyline. Very generic. Boy and girl alone on a journey trying to survive and gets some feels. Have to add that done right, this storyline can be excellent. But unfortunatly this was not the case.

-Some things did feel a bit shallow. The worldbuilding was quite shallow, but if you are familiar with other Fey-themed books and stories you’ll get it quite quickly.
And the Romance. Personally, I like a lot of meat on my romance-bone. This was Disney level romance, which is cute, but does not give me the strong feels.

What I did not like:
-The pacing at the end. It just felt rushed. Like the author wanted to get the last 4th of the book done before tea-time..

Ok, so the book was lacking in the areas that would have made me emotionally invested. But it did make me smile and laugh a LOT and had som exciting plot twist which I enjoyed immensly. And that adds up to a 4 star rating.

I have no regrets! And I will read this book again in the future. // Grimmsnaught

Margaret Rogerson // Goodreads review // Instagram

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