Torn ⭐⭐⭐⭐1/2 (Pwned by anatomically correct Brownie)

This is the sequel to “Wicked”, but definitely not second best.

We start where we left of in the first book. Like we just turned a page actually, no time jump at all. Which I really liked, not many authors do this but chooses a time jump and a soft beginning with a recap of lost time. So nice to see something rare.
And there is no lazy start. Drama, angst and action from the start. The pacing varies as it should and the puns are on cue. Much like the first book.

I have pretty much the same pros and cons as in the same book. Pros being pacing, humor characters and that it keeps it New Adult and do not escalate to erotica. Cons being the depiction of the environment. Still not enough! But, the plot that used to be on the con list for lack of innovation, is now more on the pro list.

Spoilers Ahead!

What I liked better:

  • Well the plot is pretty much the same. Evil vs good, save the earth and the people etc. And Ivys “role” in the mess is not that innovative. But the fact that she is “special” and half human, half Fae and does not have extreamly excessive powers and is just a pair of special walking ovaries are. It was nice that this didn’t turn into a straight up chosen one scenario.
  • Character flaws. Yes, they get more flawed and I love it! I hate perfection, so boring. Example: It’s much more fun when they are a bit stupid and I got to spend 2 chapters screaming at Ivy: “It’s not Ren! Run bitch!” And then go “Told ya so!”. Good times.
  • Tink! One of my favorite characters ever, and I love him even more after this book!

What was ok/could have been better:

  • Prince. I just feel that I’ve met him many times before. Perfect, evil, hates sweets.. Could he not have had an unhealthy love for potted plants? Or really loved to pull peoples earlobes? Or instead of turning into a crow, how about a flamingo!? … Ok, maybe not.. But just some random kink to make him not just the stereotype.
  • Val. Kinda like that we did not get the full story but just a bitchy recap. Life is like that. Sometimes there is no closure. But at the same time, I had questions!

Sometimes with trilogies it sometimes looks like this: Book 1: Good! Caught my attention. Book 2: Filler and build up for book 3. But this is one of those books that are just as good as the first one, and even a little better. Made me laugh, yell, cringe, facepalm and overall kept me emotionally involved. And as with the first book, it has Tink! And he is one ⭐ of 4,5 just by himself.
// Grimmsnaught

Jennifer L. Armentrout // Goodreads Review // Instagram

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