Mirage ⭐⭐⭐ (Movie book)

Mirage is a good book, but after finishing I just had one question. Did I get the movie-version?

I love to read books to get the deep emotional inner journey and struggle of the characters that is hard to get from the silver screen. But I feel that we did not get the full journey! Time-jumping and making room for unnecessary fanservice makes me feel as we barely skimmed the surface.. If you’ve read and seen Harry potter you might understand. The movies miss a lot that the books have. And in the case of Mirage, the book feels like the movie.


Interesting! Loved the concept of following someone who has to be a perfect double of someone else to survive. What will that do to someone? Can a person remain being themselves, or will that person change permanently? And how do you react to and live with someone with the same face as you that you never met before?
The war and occupation does add a lot to the situation and is always present. But it’s not about warfare and tactics, but more about relationships in a bizarre situation and how they can affect the war by small actions. And I loved this! I feel that character driven books in YA is not seen enough, and this was a good little respite from the action packed books we usually see.


Maram: She is interesting to read about. Her situation with her mixed blood and uppbringing has made her who she is. And I can’t fault her for it. Power and suspicion rules her, and how can it not when she has never felt safe or truely loved.
Amani: The Yang to Marams Yin, but a little to “perfect”. Selfless, loving, gentle and will always do the right thing. In other words, a bit boring. Somebody has to tell this girl that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and I believe she will learn this in a most horrid way.
Idris: Sad perfect prince charming.. *Zzzz*


Honestly, remove the whole thing and focus more on Amani and Marams relationship. Idris background and existence is a great link to the past and a living billboard of what Andalas nobles had and still have to suffer. But the whole “love”-thing between Idris and Amani is just pointless and put in there as fanservice. Just the fact that Amani spills ALL her secrets first chance she gets, does everything he wants and they are just oh so perfect for eachother is just BLAH! He puts her in danger ALL the time, but they both like poetry so I guess its ok! *eyeroll*
I could go on, but will not on principle put in more time on this. Idris: Does nothing and if (he were not Marams fiancé) could have been replaced by pretty much ANYTHING!

It’s nice to see a character driven YA once in a while. Mirage is a good book that I know many people will love, but sadly I didn’t fall head over heels for it. Mostly due to this feeling of not getting the full journey, and partly because of this bad instalove storyline.. But I will read the next one, I want to know what happens between Amani and Maram! That relationship ladies and gentlemen, is the true heart of the story!

Somaiya Daud // Goodreads Review // Instagram

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