Time wasted 2018πŸ₯€

I admire all authors for all the heart and effort they put into their works, and the bravery to publish a book with all the trolls out there. With that said, there are always some books that just don’t do it for you. Here are the books I read in 2018 that I just did not understand or wish I never even heard of. And if I did not like a book you loved, oh well.. We can’t all love the same things can we.


Nr 4: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Well, the book is not bad. Nicely written and a good message.. But, I just had to read a small part of the book and knew how it would end and what the message would be. And the journey there just bored me.. I was just bored to tears the whole way through..


Nr 3: Seven Black Diamonds/One Blood Ruby by Melissa Marr

What was the point? The writing was good. The story decent. And it had one really interesting character. But then it just stopped. Like Melissa Marr just said “I quit!” and someone else just finished it to get rid of it. Imagine lord of the rings went like this:

“Frodo shall drop the ring.. or was it a turtle? Whatevs! Just drop something in the fountain! .. Or was it a volcano..? Bah! Just go to Moria, they have a map! The map looks complicated.. Let’s just stay here and live happily ever after with the orcs!”

I do realise that this made up summary has nothing to do with SBD/OBR. But for me the books and my own little rant leave me with the same question. What was the point with all of this!?


Nr 2: BesvΓ€rjelser och beskydd by Maria Friedner

Ok, wanted to do an honest list.. So here is a Swedish book that you should feel lucky not to be able to read. The title translates to something like “Curses and protection”, and the summary sounded really fun. But just in case you know swedish or are studying swedish and thinking about reading a swedish book. Don’t pick this one. You will regret it. Stupid, pointless and boring. Nuff said.


Nr 1: Her New Reign: A Reverse Harem Series by L.A. Long

What.. Is.. This.. A mishmash of random rants that tries to be steamy at the same time? I’m so confused.. I could not even enjoy the jokes.. The whole series was insane in a very bad way. I LIKE random.. But this was just to much.
It’s supposed to be; story with moments of randomness, not the other way around! And I read all 3 of these books just because I hate to leave things unfinished and felt that the best approach was to get it over with quickly. Why did I do this to myself?!! Never again..

What did I learn from these books:
– Never ever judge a book by a cover. Coverlust is a big problem in my life, and it is my new year’s resolution to do better!

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