Afterburn/Afterchock ⭐⭐ (Well, there were food..)

Warning: Adult Erotic Romance, proceed with caution. *winks*

Sylvia Day is my go to author when I’m in the mood for something adult (meaning x-rated). The stories are usually rich with emotions and drama with the addition of being really HOT. Sometimes a bit corny, but that usually makes me laugh so no complaints. But Afterburn/Afterchock was different for me.

Average girl meets rich hot man, falls in love and gets dumped. A few years later they meet again, but now she has a career in the restaurant business and a better fashion sense. What will happen? I think we all already know..
I think I read that this book was written as two short e-books and then printed as one. And it shows. It actually feels like a online fanfic. A good one, but still not the level I was expecting.

Mr Rich and Ms Tough Chick. I think they were cut out of some lifestyle magazine somewhere.. Very one dimensional. They do however have moments when I enjoy their quirks.

Like watching dogs mate. I’m not calling the characters dogs, I’m just saying that reading about their sexlife was kinda like going to the park and seeing 2 dogs going at it. “Ok, guess they are having fun.. Oh well, where can I buy ice cream?”
It did not get my blood going, but was not disgusting or boring. It was just there, and kinda in the way.

It was not a bad book, and maybe it’s because I know how good Sylvia Day can write that makes it hard for me to like Afterburn/Aftershock. But what I feel is still: Meh.. Boring. Moving on! *Tosses the book over my shoulder and walks to my bookshelves*

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