Brave⭐⭐⭐⭐ (PTSD and Trolls)

So we came to the end of the the trilogy, and it was great! Kickass fight scenes, drama, plot twists I did not see coming and Think was still awesome! This book gave me pretty much all I wanted, except for an ending to the story. But I realised halfway trough that there would not be time for that, and if there were it would be kind half-assed. And that was pretty much the only thing that lowers the score on the book. But no biggie, there was still so much to like!

Loved that we get the time to follow Ivy when she tries to handle her PTSD and that it’s not just back to saving the world ASAP. This is the book is also where she and Ren really builds their relationship. The first book had the flirting, the second had the angst and sacrificing part. But here, they really get into it. Who are they, how do they work together, how to open up, what are they capable of etc.

The Prince actually got interesting. That was a nice turn of events! And Tinky-Winky got himself a hottie ”playmate”, and introduces us to some of his really (REALLY) bizarre friends and secret weapons.. It’s worth reading all three books just for that showdown!

Ivy and Rens story ended, and I’m not sad about that. Their role in the big picture of events is pretty much done, they are strong but not the main players anymore. And another book with twists, turns and tails in their relationship would probably have been a bit much. So I’m really excited about the standalone continuation The Prince! I’ll get to see what will happen next and enjoy a new duo, yum!

Thoughts Contains Spoilers

  • One thing I did have a problem with, is David. It was Val all over again. WHY! Really, I want to know in detail why he did all of this, and did he really kill his wife? And again, why! Because ”This is a war we cannot win” is not enough of an explanation. We got some ”Kyle time” before he snuffed it.. But again, I still think it’s kinda makes the book feel more real. As I stated in the last review, sometimes you don’t get closure.
  • Trolls.. That. Was. Awesome! Troll Dolls eating Fae warriors, I will forever love Jennifer L Armentrout for this moment alone.

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