Pleasures of the Night ⭐⭐⭐ (Rethinking strange dreams now..)

Warning: Adult Erotic Romance, proceed with caution. *winks*

Pages: 289
Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance

Series: Dream Guardians
Format: Paperback

Aidan Cross is a guardian of peoples dreams, meaning he enters peoples subconscious and lets them have a nice fantasy.. *cough* And then he fights off nightmares, aka big scary actual monsters. He and other guardians does this from the dimension they’re in to keep our world safe. Then Lyssa appears, they can’t enter her dreams without invitation and she can see trough their illusions. This makes her dangerous, and Aidan is sent in to ”control” the situation.
This all sounds more interesting than it was. And I say that because I can’t really remember all the details as to how and why. It just did not stick.

Hello Mr Misunderstood Warrior, meet Dr Sickly ”The One” Sweetheart who needs your protection. Stereotypical much? They are funny to read about, but I just read the book and I have forgotten their names already.. So if you need characters with a lot of personality, look elsewhere.

I don’t think I was offered enough meat on the bone to bite. Instant physical attraction, then we do not really get to follow their relationship on a mental level. Just a bunch of thought about how hot the other person is and how lonely and sad they were without each other. Sure, they make each other laugh so they are obviously compatible, but I want more. This is Disney gone porno, only Disney movies have more personality.

Medium. It got really spicy sometimes but their weird relationship bothered me.. And the ”wham-bam-tank-you-man” wibe I got at times was a bit much. I like a good buildup, but I hardly got any here. But overall, Sylvia Day knows her hot-stuff.

Oh Sylva Day, why are you doing this to me. Second time in a row I’m left disappointed, I know you can do so much better!
It was fun, hot and the concept of the dreamworld was interesting. So I give it 3 stars. And now I will sneak off and read The Marked series to remind myself why I read Sylvias books.

Sylvia Day // Goodreads review // Instagram

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