Star-Touched Stories⭐⭐⭐1/2 (Gauri is back!)

Author: Roshani Chokshi
Pages: 388 (excerpt from GW included)
Series: The Star-Touched Queen Series
ISBN: 9781250180797

This book is a short collection of stories from the world Roshani Chokshi Star-tuched Queen series.
I’ve already read the other books in the series and I recommend that you do that too before starting this book. Otherwise this book is a spoiler-bananza and you’ll miss out on a lot of vital information.
Disclaimer: I did not read the excerpt from Gilded Wolves, I want to wait until I read the whole book.

Story 1: Death and Night
This story is like a The Star-Touched Queen 0.5, and I really like it. All those things that was secret and only quickly explained about the past in Star-Touched Queen is here, and it is really nice to see how Night and Death truly met.

Story 2: Poison and Gold
And here we have A Crown of Wishes. We get to find out more about Aasha and how she’s doing as we follow her on an adventure. I don’t remember that much about Aasha from the original story. I know she was a big(ish) part of the book, what she was and stuff like that. But her personality did not really stick with me long term. But I really liked and enjoyed this story and got to reacquaint myself with her again.
(Sidenote; If someone know about a nickname for A Crown of Wishes, please let me know! ACOW does not seem fair..)

Story 3: Rose and Sword
Gauri!!! I love her! This story is a beautiful bridge that connects The Star-Touched Queen and A Crown of Wishes a bit more and gives us a peek into the distant (but not too distant) future.
This was the best one according to me. Why? Well; Gauri!!! fangirl squeal

These ARE short stories, so you can’t expect there to be a as complicated plot line like a book that has 300 pages dedicated to one story. But all three are so skillfully written that you don’t feel like you got left hanging or like something’s missing. They are an easy but engaging read and I enjoyed every one of them.
As always, Roshanis book is a work of art. I am in love with the magical world she has created. Even the darker parts of it I find dazzling. Sometimes I swear I can feel the texture of fabrics, tastes of fruits and the scent of night.
Great flow, colourful, magical etc. Just keep inserting positive words here and I would agree. Love Roshanis writing style! Love, Love, LOVE!!

So this is one of those reviews that just turned out as a love letter. But I cant find anything annoying or wrong about Roshani Chokshis writing! Enchanting, that’s what her writing is.
It does not however get full marks, just because it’s a bit to easy-breezy for me. I love the book, but I have not gotten truly impacted or gotten the wind knocked out of me. Which means that Aasha and much more will probably fade from my memory again and I will just remember that I loved the book but not the details. And that’s why I give it 3,5 stars. It’s great, just not memorable.

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