The Prince: A Wicked Novella ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Mini Review)

Author: Jennifer L Armentrout
Pages: 177
Series: The Wicked Trilogy Novella #1
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781948050135

Since I really enjoyed the Wicked trilogy, of course I had to read this novella! This will be a short review for a short book though. If I write too much about it I’ll probably spoil the whole book. So I hope you’ll enjoy this mini review^^

This time we follow Brighton Jussier on her hunt for the fey who’s responsible for a mayor trauma in her life that occurs shortly after the main books ended. We skip ahead a few years after the ”thing” happens, and Brighton is now halfway trough her kill-list. Since she was never fully trained as an Order member she uses her mind and feminine wiles to get to her targets. She thinks this would all have gone smoothly to the end of the list if The Prince, or Caden, did not keep get in the way.

This book is full to breaking point with a heavy lustful atmosphere. Even more than the original books. Which makes me think ”Fan service”, but I really don’t mind. And I kinda think it’s naturally as there are less pages in the book and we need to get somewhere with the couple. The story is still interesting, fun and eventful. And my beloved Tink is still with us!

This book was fast paced and a real page turner. Even though this is a short novella, Armentrouts writing is still superb! Some authors writing don’t translate into shorter stories, but the writing in this book was as rich and quick as with the other books in the main series.

The annoying thing is that there was not more of it and that it ended with a cliffhanger that changed the rules of the relationship between Brighton and Caden. The next book can’t come fast enough! But anyhow, this was a 4 star novella!

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