A Strange Hymn⭐⭐⭐ (Lord give me Strength..)

Author: Laura Thalassa
Pages: 384
Genre: NA Urban Fantasy
Series: The Bargainer Series #2
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781974677368

I was not a fan of the first book Rhapsodic. I thought the writing and storytelling was wrong for me, it gave me nothing about the side characters and hardly had anything in it besides two hotties trying to do the nasty with each other. And I honestly thought it couldn’t get worse since I really enjoyed Pestilence by Laura Thalassa, so she obviously can write. And that (plus the fact that I have to finish a series I begin..) is why I picked up book two.

The book starts out promising with introductions of new characters and the court in general and Callie being threatened in horrifying nightmares and trying to figure out by who. But it was quickly thrown aside when Rhys-light.. Sorry.. I mean when Des takes her away for a romantic honeymoon adventure so our couple could get cozy together.
It lasted for 6 chapters, which is WAY too long without even mentioning the crazy shit that is going down in the Otherworld. This is one of the issues I had in the last book too.

Here’s me, having a heart to heart with the lovebirds;
”Geeeeez I get it! You love each other and have to get closer and stronger yada yada. Can you do that while finding out who’s raping women, getting them pregnant and putting them in a coma please!? Or is that not important? Ok, I guess not.. I could just tell you who then, because I already know due to the first and this book being a trope overload. If I do that, can you figure out how? I’m really interested in that part.”

But guess what.. After half the book things picked up, and I grudgingly could not stop reading. And I mean GRUDGINGLY! All of a sudden things gets really interesting and they actually focus on the real problem while dealing with their relationship. Why did they not do this from the start! Drag me trough 1,5 books just to make sure I earn the excitement of good storytelling? I don’t get it..

There are other characters than our main duo taking up some space!! Hallelujah!! And I was like a starved kid in a candy store! We got some creepers, kickass females, horny royals and other new flavours. And I ate them all up while pretty much ignoring our main characters.

But even Callie had some nice moments. Rhys-lig.. No I’m not sorry anymore, Rhys-watered-down-light only progress is that he shows his inner Tambitch. And is that really a progress?

There’s some weird things going on.. Like this; ”…I say, my eyes going distant.”
Why is a character describing what her own facial features are doing? I don’t have a freaking clue what my nose is doing, let alone my eyes.. Other than stuff like that, it’s fine. Nothing wrong with the writing.

I can’t stop comparing these books to ACOTAR, And part of me knows that it’s a bit unfair. It’s like comparing mt Vesuvius to a paper mache volcano. But the books are so similar in many ways that it’s hard not to. And I’m still suspicious of this book actually being a fan-fiction of some sort.
The end of the book was a game-changer, and I’m grudgingly looking forward to reading the next book because I don’t know what will happen next. But still only 3 stars. I can’t go higher than that because to me only half the book was told in a good way.

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