Finale⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Praying for More!)

Author: Stephanie Garber
Pages: 402
Genre: YA Fantasy
Series: Caraval #3
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781529303612

Welcome, welcome to Caraval.. all games must come to an end.

Here you can read my reviews about Caraval and Legendary.


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We’re still in Valenda and get to follow both Tella And Scarlets POV as they, Julian and Legendary tries to figure out how to deal with the Fates that were set free. But this time the event Caraval plays no part in the story. We get to know more about the cities own magic and places and what the fates lets loose in it now that they are free.
I miss the game and performance of Caraval, it was exciting to try and figure out what was real or not. But now shit is real.. Real disturbing and I loved that too! The Fates are real wackos with disturbing hobbies that had me drop my jaw a lot!

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But as it happened, my worst fear came true. This series ended in to a full-blown romance. And may I add that there’s a love-triangle, of the obvious-how-it’s-going-to-end uninteresting kind. I liked the romance in the other books because it was there brewing in the background but other events was the main focus of the story. But this time I experienced it the other way around.

It’s still a real treat to follow both Scarlet and Tella’s growth trough the book. Even though I still want smack them over their heads sometimes because they are acting stupid. But that’s just because I care and want them to make better choices for themselves.
There is something I have to say about Legend. He was a bit of a letdown when things became clear. This master performer’s true self could have been so many things! A charming show-off weirdo for example. But no, he’s the handsome, brooding yada yada guy that we’ve met before. I’m bored!
I miss the performers, they showed up from time to time but was not a big part at all in this book. I thought that after all the years with legend they would be of more use or at least be more involved emotionally about what is going down. But sadly they are put to the sidelines and we don’t get to know them much better.


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So vivid!! I can almost feel vibrations in the air when someone punts on a door, and I swore I got goosebumps from a description of cold winds. The writing pulled me into the story and kept me in there until there were no pages left.
The events was a bit more predictable now that I know the characters and Stephanie Garber’s writing style, but still managed to surprise me from time to time.


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It’s a strong 4 star book. I did not enjoy this book in the same way as I did Caraval and Legendary, but I enjoyed it a great deal. It was an excellent book, it was just not the same way that the others were. And there was a bit too many loose ends to be completely satisfying, but on the other hand it opens up the possibilities for more books to follow. And that is not something I’m at all against. But a bit more closure would have been nice.

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