The Versatile Blogger Award!

I’ve been nominated for my second blogging award! Thank you to Becky’s Book Blog nominating me! (You should go and give Becky lots of love and a follow!)

The Rules:
1:Thank the person who nominated you.
2:Leave a link to their blog.
3: Tell us 7 things about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 bloggers/bloggers you’ve discovered recently or follow regularly.

Easy as pie!! Now for the hard part, coming up with 7 interesting facts about me.. Hope you’ll enjoy these tidbits!

1: I grew up in a haunted house. Yes, I am a believer in ghosts because I’ve seen and experienced some shit. And have had non believing friends running from the house.
2: I commute between two cities. Stockholm where I work, and a small town here in Sweden called Växjö where I have all my family, my fiancé, cat and books.
3: I have not been to the cinema in years. I don’t really watch movies, and being stuck inside a room without having the option to pause and move around a bit for hours is not something I enjoy.
4: My favourite season is Fall mainly because it’s the end of summer. Let’s just say that I do not handle hot weather that well.
5: I am slightly dyslexic, but have managed to make it a minor problem while reading trough constant practise. But I do still have trouble writing and proof reading can be a real pain.
6: I do not like to read books in Swedish, especially when they are translated from another language. I feel that my main language lack a lot of nuances to written words that can make a simple sentence great.
7: There’s nothing I find more difficult than writing about myself.

So that’s my 7 facts about me. Here are my nominations:
Jess / Toya / Sara / Sifa / Loretta / Molly / Eline / Cori / BW Reviews

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