Justice⭐⭐⭐1/2 (Give Me Back My Julie!)

Author: Michelle Johnson
Pages: 248
Genre: YA Paranormal
Series: Oleah Chronicles #2
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780995099739

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After discovering the truth about her Oleah origins, Angel thought she could still have a normal life, consisting of normal things – like her seventeenth birthday party. But there is no such thing as normal for Angel anymore. She learned that the hard way.

Goodreads Synopsis

It begins right where the first book ended. And that means we get straight into action. Decisions have to be made and a plan of action has to be chosen and executed. And this under a huge amount of pressure. This situation does not bring out the best in the characters, and there’s a lot of dispute going around. But they all unite behind a plan and sets out to execute it.I think the story is really good, but for me there is a slight disinterest in a big part of the whole journey. And that is due to the fact that I like Julie’s storyline much more than Angel’s. Angel is a sweet character, but I can’t connect to her ”chosen one” attributes. This is totally a personal preference, but I wish there were more about what Julie goesthroughh and how she feels. But like Yin and Yang they make perfect harmony side by side. I would just have preferred equal darkness to light.

There’s enough world building to paint a clear picture, but sadly not enough to make it come to life. We got earth, Jungle planet and Hell planet. This is mainly because the plot progresses really fast over just a few days, so there’s not much time to stop and admire the surroundings. We do get more into the mythological aspect of the universe this book, which was very cleverly crafted and enjoyable to read about. I would like to know more about how the magic system works though. Like if there are limits, repercussions of usage or where it comes from. Blood? Spirit? Gut? heart? I just like to have a clear grasp on these things.

A bit inconsistent.. Parents that would do anything to protect their daughter all of a sudden wants their best soldiers to rip her to pieces to test her powers.. All because they saw a sign of fast healing and said daughters boyfriend thought it was a good idea? That just felt too out of character for me to buy it. And even though Angel is supposed to have godlike abilities, I still think it’s weird that she can move and fight like an elite soldier without any training and don’t get any aches or torn muscles from it. It’s too easy to be interesting.

The first half of the book is very fast paced and hectic. Then at the middle of the book, the climactic battle has already been done, and now it’s time to deal with the aftermath of what happened at earth in the last book, the emotional adjustments to the new situations and the lingering threats still around even though the battle is won. I really liked this! Anything that is outside the box and done well is exciting to me. Excitement in the beginning, calm ponding in the middle, dread and chock in the end. Great mix of emotions!
But, there were not enough time in the middle for a proper build up or to really connect to the characters before the bomb in the end. In the first book Angel had reoccurring nightmares for weeks, which left her drained, scared and confused. Here everything happens in a matter of days.. Had the story taken place during a longer period of time like the first book, it probably would have affected me more.

The cliffhanger it ended on was superb, but I just wish that there had been more time, details and a bit slower progress to the story at large. That way I would have enjoyed the journey more and gotten more invested in the plot. When so many big events take place in just a short period of time, I feel as though I just watched a ping-pong match. But I enjoyed the book, and truly see people loving this series. It’s just not a good fit for this Swedish grandma. 3.5 stars from me, who still wish this book would have been around when I was a teen.

I was sent a free copy of this book for an honest review. This has in no way influenced my feelings on the book or my review

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