The Emperor of Evening Stars⭐⭐⭐ (The Origin of the Cherub Lover)

Author: Laura Thalassa
Pages: 218
Genre: NA Urban Fantasy
Series: The Bargainer Series #2,5
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781981426942

You would think that I’ve given this series up by now, but I ain’t a quitter! And this novella was rather short, so it was not that big of an investment anyways. Here you can read the reviews on Rhapsodic, A Strange Hymn and Dark Harmony.


So this novella is the background story on dear little Des. So I basically got a front row seat into the making of a character I really can’t stand. But when I don’t like something, why should I not try to understand it and see if that changes. Since I don’t want to spoil anything, and half of the book consists of events from the main books but with Des POV, I’m going to be brief.

The story was actually quite good, until anything related to Callie became part of it. Then it became either disturbing or annoying. But Des as a kid and how he grew up actually tugged on my heartstrings. And I was actually cheering him on on his journey. Then he grew up and became the manipulative, controlling ass I remembered, and it was all about him an Callie again. And I’m amazed that my face does not hurt from all the cringing.


I liked what Des was in his younger years, but that changed sooo quick that I got whiplash. From revenge seeking, smart and ruthless Fairy to Whining little bitch with the worst nickname giving skills EVER!! I can’t believe that I’ve never mentioned how much I cringe over the pet name Des have given Callie. ”Cherub”… I want to barf! And to now be inside this dudes mind while he comes up with it just gave insult to injury.
And as with the other books, the other characters are very black and white and only there to decorate the setting. Except for mom and dad, and I actually think their story would have been a more interesting read. I actually like his mom, she was a badass.

When all the cringeworthy and overly lusty romance between the main characters were eliminated, the writing was not bad at all actually. But nothing stands out as great either, with leaves me at the conclusion that it was well written. Not all books needs amazing language or incredibly vivid descriptions to be good. Enjoying a book without being snapped out of the story because of the writing means a job well done to me.


I liked half the book, cringed my way through the second. If you liked the main books, this will make you swoon. But not me. 3 stars because the beginning and writing was good,
Maybe I’ll revisit this series one day, some parts were actually decent. Stranger things have happened. But for now, I just don’t want to hear or read the word Cherub for a loooong time.

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