Cinder and the Prince of Midnight⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Too short, I crave more!)

Author: Susan Ee
Pages: 206
Genre: YA Retelling
Series: Midnight Tales #1
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780983597049

”An orphan girl. A dark and twisted kingdom. An ongoing shadow war resulting in enslaved fairies. This is the world of Cinder. A world where a girl like her can be sold to be human prey for a ritualistic hunt.
But on this night, even the predators might have something to fear. On this night, even a royal prince might find himself trapped by the expectations of the Dark King…and a girl like no other.”

Goodreads Synopsis


Expect being thrown right into a dark and horrific situation. No buildup or forewarning, but the situation becomes clear almost immediately. Cinder has been sold by her stepmother to be ”prey” in a hunt where men can ”relieve” their pent up aggressions in time of peace without any consequence. But this time things do not go as smoothly for the hunters.
This book is full of horror, and action, but there’s also a lot of slower paced but equally intriguing parts. I thought this was balanced in a good way, but not perfect. To nitpick, it could both be a bit too slow and too fast at times.
I can’t really think of anything more to add without spoiling the book, except that it’s too short! This story deserves to be longer and really spread its wings.


A bit flat, which I expected the moment I saw the page count of this book. But I got a good feel of who they were, how their minds worked and why. And I might want a bit more, but it’s not essential to enjoying them and their journey.


The world building is a bit vague.. A post-war Kingdom no-one can get out of ruled by a Dark King, and Faeries hunted and enslaved. Again, this book deservers to be elaborated upon more! The bits I got from the world was very tantalising and had the feeling of being thought out in depth, but was left out in huge chunks. And I want to know what else there was.


I love Susan EE’s writing! And even though this is not a longer book as Angelfall, it’s still full of the same awesome small details, observations and twisted ideas that I love. It’s also a bit more lyrical than her other books, and that was perfect for this fairytale.


As this book was so short, and that almost always makes stories and characters less detailed, I’m reviewing it as such. And as a shorter book with limited words this was great! I enjoyed it immensely and am craving for more. There was some parts of the story that I did not feel went anywhere and could have been cut out to focus more on other parts. But since this is a series they might come in play later, so it feels foolish to judge them as unnecessary prematurely.
There’s no information about the next book in the Midnight Tales series, but I hope it will not be too long before I can indulge in another book from Susan Ee! 4 stars, because I enjoyed what I got out of it and can’t stop thinking about it.

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