Dark Harmony⭐⭐⭐1/2 (Does getting turned on in a tomb seem normal to you?!)

Author: Laura Thalassa
Pages: 434
Genre: NA Urban Fantasy
Series: The Bargainer Series #3
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781793253439

I was not a fan of the first book Rhapsodic. I thought the writing and storytelling was wrong for me, it gave me nothing about the side characters and hardly had anything in it besides two hotties trying to do the nasty with each other. But book two, A Strange Hymn, was slightly better, so I thought there might be some hope that this series would become something good in the end.


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So the story picks up where it left off in the end of A Strange Hymn, and for once it actually is progressing in a nice way. The characters seems invested in getting to the bottom of things and we learn more and more about the enemy and his minions.
But some of the infuriating tendencies of the characters still manages to ruin much of the book. Even in the middle of battle their minds goes to the gutter.. And inside a tomb.. And oh yet again they just abandon everything and goes off on a romantic trip for a couple of days, because evil will just takes a break because they feel like it’s due time they got a break? Please..


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I really hate Des.. He’s a lying manipulative a-hole. He’s very good at creating the illusion that Callie has a choice in what she will become and do with her life, when in fact he always pushes her to become what he wants. And if there’s a fight coming up, have a piece of jewellery!
And Callie is not that great either. To put it nicely, she’s not the brightest. She actually stops an army with one word, and when it’s over asks why people are looking at her..
Other characters are still there just to be used to further the story. They are just there to fill up space or add humour. If there’s a fight or anything else goes wrong, you’ll never get an update on how they are doing or if they are hurt. They’ll just show up a few chapters later when they are needed again.

There were no epic typos (only minor ones) or super weird descriptions as in the other two books, which was a relief. If it were not for the relentless reminders of how ”hot” the characters are, and constant repetition off their need or lust for each other, I would not have much to complain about. But this is being stated everywhere and I’m sooooo over it. I GOT THE MESSAGE THE FIRST TWO BOOKS!! Repeating something does not make it more true or obvious, it just becomes distractingly annoying.


This book was better than the first two because it had more action and they were actually getting somewhere to solve the problems. But there’s just so much I can’t stand in all of the books, and the main thing I can’t stand are Des and Callie. They are infuriatingly annoying.
I’d be so happy by now if I was done with the series. But alas, there is a short novella left, and I will read that too.. I REALLY wish I could leave series unfinished.
The reasonable part of my mind gives the book 3.5 stars for actually telling more of the story I picked the books up for, and it was very interesting at times tbh. But the very tired and annoyed part of my mind want to give it a 2..

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